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Business plan development for SEZ

Start your production in one of Special Economic Zones of Russian Federation. Take advantage of low tax rates, well-developed infrastructure and time reduction for land preparation.
Business plan development for SEZ

Dramatic ruble weakening offers opportunities to develop import-substituiting and export-oriented producing units in Russia. In fact, cost of russian labor and energy expressed in international currencies fell nearly twice between 2014-2015. Consequently, exporters of energy/labor-intense products are raising their profit margins.


Special Economic Zones in Russian Federation offer the following benefits:


  • Profit tax is only 0-2% instead of 20% in general;
  • Corporate property tax 0% instead of 2,2% in general;
  • Land plots are properly registered and prepared which leads to reduction of project startup phase by 3-6 months;
  • Access to transport infrastructure - roads, railways and even pier (in Astrakhan) or airport (in Lipetsk);
  • Aceces to power/gas/water supply, water disposal, heating.


To acquire SEZ residency the company should be registered in the area of SEZ location and to get through an established procedure. The business plan of the project is a comulsory condition of getting through the abovementioned procedure. The form of a business plan is provided by the order of Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation №75 of 23.03.2006. IMRA develops business plans for the companies interested in acquiring the status of SEZ resident in Russia.


More info on russian SEZ at russez website.

Moglino SEZ, Pskov region;

Lipetsk SEZ, Lipetsk region;

Alabuga SEZ, the Republic of Tatarstan;

Tolyatti SEZ, Ulyanovsk region;

Titanium valley SEZ, Svredlovsk region;


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