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Counterpart search

Do you want to find reliable counterparts in Russia to do business with? Are you planning to sell your products to Russia or to buy anything with benefit? Do you have an investment project and searching for partners in Russia?
Counterpart search

Start with counterpart search service provided by IMRA


Counterpart search service is useful for any company involved in import/export acitivities as well as for the company willing to find trade partners in Russia. Whether you want to find distributors, consumers or suppliers of any product, IMRA can help. What do we offer?


  • Trade data on existing exporters/importers of a certatin product, including contract prices and external trade volumes;
  • Data on existing distributors/consumers of different products in Russia, including info on their revenues. This info is useful when offering a substitute product to market players or product targeted to differentiate business and/or product portfolio of potential counterpart;
  • Customs data investigations. The practice of using "dummy companies" to optimize external trade taxation operations is widely spread in Russia which leads to hiding actual parties. Combination of different methods allows to uncover these parties helping you reach them;
  • Contacts of counterpart CEO and management in social media.


The final product of counterpart search service is an elecronic copy of report including all the abovementioned information.


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