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Feasibility study

Considering whether to start new production in Russia? Get a well-defined picture of potential benefits and risks. IMRA professionals have conducted hundreds of feasibility studies for russian manufacturing companies.
Feasibility study

The main purpose of conducting a feasibility study is to answer the question: "Is the business idea viable?". IMRA analysts have gained a unique experience and knowledge in different industries to make a clear picture of production feasibility in Russia.


Standard feasibility study includes the following points:


1. Project description

2. Investment and revenues

Points 1 and 2 are brief summary of data and analysis from the following points.

3. Market background and production capacity

4. Location of production

IMRA assists in determining an optimal location taking into account the distance from raw materials sources, sales market, access to infrastructure, labor cost in specified region, potential subsidies, taxation, etc.

5. Production process

Value creation chain is analyzed in this section to determine feasible process depth and production range.

6. Infrastructure requirements

These requirements are settled by production equipment and correspond with location of production.

7. Main and auxilliary equipment

 IMRA collects budget quotations for production equipment if necessary.

8. Staff requirements

Staff requirements are defined by suppliers of equipment, client and/or in correspondence with experince of existing competitors. 

9. Consumption and sources of raw materials

Total consumption is calculated on the basis of determined production capacity

10. Total manufacturing costs

Calculated in connection with points 5,6,7,8.

11. Financial plan;

Includes CF, PL, BS, COGS, SG&A forms.

12. Efficiency of investment project;

Includes key figures - NPV, IRR, DPB, PI etc.


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