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Market research

Are you planning to start a business in Russia? But you don't have any idea on current and new market niches, their volume. You do not know your competitors, potential customers and distributors. What is the market capacity for your product in Russia?
Market research

Start with market research provided by IMRA


IMRA conducts B2B market research projects in Russia and CIS. Over the last 12 years IMRA professionals gained an invaluable experince through conducting thousands of market research projects to satisfy the needs of industries players.


Market research is conducted via desk and field study methods allowing to:



  • Determine market volume in physical and monetary terms;
  • Understand market structure in terms of regions and product groups;
  • Determine market shares of manufacturers and shares of consumers/industries in demand;
  • Observe import/export activities in physical and monetary terms;
  • Find key distributors;
  • View prices and understand the structure of cost;
  • Discover trends and find opportunities for business development;
  • Get a substantiate market forecast.


Final product of research is an electronic or/and printed copy of market ressearch report. The structure (table of content) of report is preliminary stipulated.


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