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Trade database summaries

Are you looking for customers or distributors in Russia? Having difficult price negotations with russian customer? Trying to find out which types of a certatin product are currently supplied to Russia? Competing with russian suppliers in global markets?
Trade database summaries

Start with trade data service provided by IMRA


Trade data is provided in the form of understandable summary tables allowing to:


  • Search partners and explore competitors in Russia; 
  • Monitor contract prices quoted by suppliers to their partners in Russia;
  • Monitor contract prices quoted by russian exporters to their partners worldwide;
  • Track supplies of russian importers in physical and monetary terms;
  • Track supplies of russian exporters to partners worldwide in physical and monetary terms;
  • To observe the breakdown of product supplies by types;


Database is refreshed once a month with a lag of 20-31 days, i.e. data for the period of january-april becomes available on 20-31 of may.

The cost of summary is calculated on individual basis and depends on a number of factors, e .g. bills of lading quantity to process, quantity of HS codes, complexity of product breakdown. 

Samples of trade reports provided by IMRA are represented here


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